Day #103 – National Nude Hiking Day!

LOCATION:  Bayfield, Wisconsin
CAMPGROUND:  Apostle Islands Area Campground
WEATHER:  Cool again, but sunny.  High 60

What a great day!  Everything is just so much more fun when the sun is shining! 

We took the 10:00 catamaran tour of the Apostle Islands. 

There are 22 islands that make up the Apostle Islands; we saw 21 on this trip.

The tour was nicely narrated.  We got up close to see some of the islands’ shorelines.

The captain/narrator pointed out eagles and baby seagulls.  The wind was pretty strong and the captain warned us that it would be even choppier once we left the protection of the islands.  He wasn’t sure if we would be able to go to the one farthest out – Devil’s Island – due to the waves.  By the time we got there, the waves had calmed down and we were able to go around the island.  I’m glad we did, as the sea caves there were very interesting.

One of the islands has an old fish camp still on it.  I cannot imagine anyone fishing and living out here in November. 

Several of the islands have lighthouses on them.  What a lonely life that must have been for lighthouse keepers. 

Lake Superior is huge.  At one point in the tour, we could see Minnesota’s North Shore (way in the distance).  Sioux Ste. Marie (Michigan/Ontario)  was on the other end. 

The tour was 3 hours – just right.  When we returned, we stopped in a park and had a little picnic.  Then, off to the hike that we had planned to do yesterday.  It is called Lake Shore  Trail.  The 4-mile round-trip trail is rated “moderate”.  The first part is pretty easy.  Then it turns tricky.  Lots and lots of ravines.  It is a good thing we did not try the hike yesterday as it would have been muddy and slippery.

I read on the internet (so it must be true!) that today is National Nude Hiking Day.  As we hiked, George had to tell everyone this.  Many looked at him with dismay!  We weren’t nude, but we did take off a lot of layers as we heated up.

At the end of the trail, we were rewarded by views of the cliffs and sea caves far below.

Back at the trailhead, I watched some brave people going for a swim (with wet suits on)

We took a different route home, passing through lots of orchard and berry farms, for which this region is famous. Strawberries will be in season soon.

DINNER:  Thai pho.  I sauted a  bunch of stuff:  onions, garlic, ginger, leftover pork, mushrooms, bell pepper, and frozen Asian stir-fry vegetables.  I added some homemade broth, soy sauce, and a bit of soy sauce.  I served all of this with pho noodles. 

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