Day #104 – On to Michigan!

LOCATION:  Wakefield, Michigan – in western part of Upper Peninsula
CAMPGROUND:  Big Snow Resort, a Harvest Host site.  HUGE parking lot, so easy to park.  Quiet.  Beautiful views of ski trails.  Bar/restaurant with great views and decent food.  Superb wifi.   5 stars out of 5
WEATHER:  Still cool.  Sunny.  High 68

I did laundry at the RV park in Bayfield this morning.  There was a “logjam” as others seemed to have the same idea.  Consequently, I had to wait and we asked for a late check-out as the clothes were still in the dryer.  No problem.  We have enjoyed our stay in Bayfield; 4 nights was just about the best length of stay. 

Then, we were off.  We stopped in Ashland, WI for groceries and a look around.  This used to be a major shipping port on the Great Lakes, second only to Chicago. It is now famous for its murals. 

We enjoyed occasional glimpses of Lake Superior on our drive east.  Michigan is our 14th state on this trip so far. 

The instructions for finding this Harvest Host site were to turn on a a certain road and drive until the road ends..  And it did!  At the end of the road is the ski lodge, lots of ski lifts, the Sky Bar, and the parking lot for our stay tonight. 

We got settled in easily, in a gigantic parking lot.  It must fill up in the winter, as there are about 10 ski lifts here.  There are also cute lodges and cabins.

Unlike many ski resorts, the lodge and parking are  at the top of the mountain.  You ski down, then take the lift back up. 

From our RV, we have views of the lodge and a little lake below us.  Very nice

We had dinner in the Sky Bar which overlooks the ski slopes.

DINNER:   We shared a grilled ahi tuna sandwich. For some reason, they put orange marmalade on it.  We scraped it off!!! 

Sunset was beautiful over the trees below us. 

Here is Joy, basking in the setting sun, with a full moon coming up…

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