Day #106 – Hoopin’ & Hollerin’!

LOCATION:  Near Wakefield, Michigan in the western UP
CAMPGROUND:  Lake Gogebic State Park
WEATHER:  Overcast and cooler.  Some rain.  High 76

It rained hard almost all night long, with lots of thunder and lightning.  We were pleasantly surprised to find no leaks this morning.

We decided to do the 3-mile foot trail around the park.  We set off, only to encounter lots of mud and puddles.  After getting our shoes soaked and being attacked by mosquitos, we gave up and turned around. 

Then, off to the Hoop and Holler Tavern on the NW side of the lake.  There are 3-4 quaint lodges/restaurants around the lake like this one.   This place’s restaurant  has supposedly the best food on the lake plus a lodge, camping area, bar, gas station, boat dock/marina, bait shop, and even great wifi – all with a population of 2! 

We were the only customers there, and shared their daily special – sea salt chicken wings.  Huge amount of food. 

One has to take into an account the different time zones around the lake.

The owner/waitress told us that they are busiest in the winter months – tourists doing snowmobiling,, hunting, ice-fishing, and trapping. Today, there was one boat out fishing.

We took a drive around the lake – 15 miles long.  The houses are all hidden behind trees on the lake.

Back at the campground, our neighbor pulled in after a day of fishing.  He did pretty well, but said yesterday was even better.

DINNER:  Another Trader Joe’s entree – lamb vindaloo and rice.  So fun to try these dishes.  Side was a salad including a perfectly ripe avocado (often hard to come by).

Another evening spent watching Rick Steves – this time in England. 

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