Day #107 – Great day on the lake = lots of sun and no fish to clean!

LOCATION:  In western UP, Michigan
CAMPGROUND:  Lake Gogebic State Park
WEATHER:  Perfect!  Mostly sunny.  High 76

The campground host posts each day’s weather forecast.  Today he wrote –   High 76; low 51 – just about perfect for camping.  I would be thrilled if this weather continues throughout our stay in Michigan. We are so lucky.  I read about friends’ travel posts encountering heat wherever they go.    We will see!

I got a notification from the State of Hawaii saying that their travel restrictions have eased.  As fully vaccinated travelers, we can now go to Hawaii without a pre-test or 2-week quarantine.  So, our trip there this December is on.  Yay!  Hopefully Canada won’t be far behind? 

We went to quaint Lake Gogebic Lodge, designed in sort of a Scandinavian style, where we rented a pontoon for the afternoon.

It was an absolute perfect day to be out on the water.  Surprisingly, there were hardly any other boats.  I wonder if it will get busier this weekend?  I think the water is too cold for water-skiers or tubers.  Just fishing and pleasure boats.

George bought some leeches to use as bait.  I had skinned my ankle the other day, and George wanted to put a leech on the cut to suck out the blood, reducing the bruise, and therefore engorging the leech (for tastier fish bait).  I politely declined…..

He fished and fished all afternoon, but not even a nibble.

He is a good captain, and drove us all around the lake.

I enjoyed seeing some of the beautiful lake homes.

The afternoon passed quickly  – we ate a picnic on the boat, drank a few beers, read (me), and fished (George). 

We passed by our state park campground.  If you look closely, you can see Joy peeking from behind a tree.

With no fish, we simply returned the boat keys to the lodge, and we were off.  So much simpler, and cheaper, than owning a boat.

Back at the campground, George got a fire going for dinner.  The fire pit is not designed for cooking – it is a big round barrel without a grate.  So, George created a set-up so we could place our small grate on two metal poles – poles from a broken lawn chair that someone had left behind at a previous campground.   Clever boy!

DINNER:  Gyosa – Chinese pot stickers, again compliments of Trader Joe’s. George browned them in the iron skillet over the fire.  Meanwhile, I made an Asian vegetable stir-fry,  and a dipping sauce for the gyosa.  I improvised on the sauce, as I didn’t have any mirin or sake.  Instead, I mixed:  fish sauce, rice vinegar, lime juice, soy sauce, bit of sugar, and white wine.  It tasted like the real thing!  George finished off the kimchi – a smell concoction he made about 3 months ago!  I’m glad to get it out of the refrigerator!!!!

Tonight’s entertainment was Rick Steves again.  Tonight in Spain….

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