Day #109 – No luck with fishing…..again!

LOCATION:  In far western Upper Peninsula, Michigan
CAMPGROUND:  Porcupine Mountain State Park
WEATHER:  Gorgeous.  Sunny.  High 68

First thing this morning, George tried fishing again, right in front of our camp site on Lake Superior.

We are so lucky – last night’s campers left early this morning, so we have a clear view of the lake from our site.  It is a bit foggy, so the lake and sky kind of merge together in the photo.

On our way out of the campground, he couldn’t resist trying his luck on the boat dock…

We spent the day hiking the Porcupine Mountains.  The park is full of trails.  We drove 25 miles from the eastern edge (our campground) to the western edge.  We could have hiked it, by connecting several trails, but we opted for the car.  🙂

George took his fishing pole with him on our 2-mile hike in the Presque Isle part of the park. At every point where he could access the water, he threw out a line.   This hike is known for its 3 waterfalls.  Here he is at #1.

Let’s try #2……

The hike was really pretty, but a bit challenging.

Now he will try #3

The trail  followed the eastern side of the falls, then crossed this bridge, and then made a loop back to where we started.  Here he is trying one last time…

On our way back, we stopped to do another trail, up to an overlook marking the highest peak in the park.

Tired and thirsty, we stopped at “Porky’s Pub” (the Porcupine Mountains are fondly called the Porkies).  Too bad this sign didn’t work for George today.

Back at the campground, George made a roaring fire.  It seems like there is a big bonfire at each campsite. 

DINNER:  Sort of a Mediterranean theme…..Spicy chick peas (compliments of Trader Joe’s) with turkey thigh meat that George had grilled previously.  Steamed rice and kalamata olives. 

Our last night here with Rick Steves.  Tonight’s DVD took us to Gibraltar and North Africa. 

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