Day #110 – Close call with a snake in a pit toilet!

LOCATION: Houghton, Michigan – in western side of Upper Peninsula
CAMPGROUND:  Houghton City RV Park.  Beautiful park – right on river that leads to Lake Superior.  Each site has a covered picnic table, waterfront views, fire pit, stand-up grill, level/paved site and space between sites.  Full hook-ups plus cable.  Great wifi.  BUT – no bathrooms/showers!  At $50/night, should offer shower house.  4 stars out of 5
WEATHER:  Beautiful.  High 75

The extent to which I go to post this blog each day!  (Just joking)…..

I had spotted a hiking trail from our campground to the visitor center (which has wifi), so I decided to go there early this AM to post the blog.   The trail started out fine, then turned into a jungle. Thank goodness, the trees were marked to define the path.

In the many wet places with standing water, I had to cross a narrow plank, keeping my balance while swatting pesky mosquitoes. 

After doing my wifi business, I opted to make the 1-mile hike on the highway instead of facing the jungle again.

Then, George and I were off for one more hike in the Porcupine Mountains before setting off.  This trail was a loop around an old copper mine from the 1800s. 

Before we set off on the hike, I needed to use the pit toilet.  Never a pleasant experience, but this was a first……I looked down into the “deep” and was shocked to see a snake swimming among the you-know-what!  I really had to go, and I was so afraid it would jump up and bite my bottom!!!!  Happy to say I survived this episode!

Who rates these trails?  The difficulty on this one was categorized as “easy”.  Ha!

This one had some challenging plank-walking, too.

It was very lush.  We are always fascinated by wood ears like these

Back at the campground, we watched the “newbie” family next to us pack up.  It was a real challenge for them to get all their stuff packed back in their small car (plus 2 kids and a dog). It sort of grew while they were here.

Even though they were real camping novices, they were a very nice family.

We had a pleasant, short drive to our next destination, passing by landscape that looks like it could host a moose.  No sightings, though.

Houghton appears to be a cool college town, right on the river.  It used to be a major shipping and distribution center.  Many of the old warehouses have been turned into commercial enterprises or condos.  We walked along the river front…

… a brewpub, of course!  Very friendly staff and customers. 

DINNER:  Thai pho noodles.  I added more noodles and vegetables to a Trader Joe’s frozen meal.  It was very good. 

From our back window (bedroom), I watched the water-skiers and jet-skiers until about 10:30 PM, while it was still light.  Beautiful! 

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