Day #111 – Enjoying Houghton… in spite of the rain!

LOCATION:  Houghton, Michigan – on the western side of the Upper Peninsula (UP)
CAMPGROUND:  Another night at Houghton City Waterside RV Park
WEATHER:  Rain, with a real downpour mid-day.  High 76

We putzed around the RV in the morning, then walked to downtown for lunch.  There is a beautiful waterfront bike/walking trail from the RV park to downtown shops, restaurants, library, and bars.  Very convenient.  The city seems to do a lot to keep everything pretty and tidy. 

We had Lake Superior whitefish for lunch – very nicely done – with a side of wild rice.  As we were leaving the parking lot, the our next door camper neighbors from Porcupine Mountains (the newbies) pulled in.  What a small world!

This lift bridge in downtown Houghton is neat.  They lift it up if a tall sailboat or large ship comes through.  The bottom part is used for regular traffic.  Then, in the winter, they lower the top level.  They won’t be needing to raise the bridge, as the water will be frozen, and there is no water traffic.  Then, they use the lower level for snowmobilers.  How creative!

We were almost back to the campground, enjoying our walk, when the skies opened up.  What a downpour!  Unfortunately, Joy’s leak recurred.  We spent the afternoon mopping things up and cleaning out wet cupboards.  George tried to find the source of the leak again, but just cannot find it. 

After the rainstorm, we did a little shopping, and then checked out the other brewery in town. 

This college town seems to have the “town and gown” syndrome.  There were some customers that looked very much like college students or professors.  Other tables were filled with working-man locals.  Very interesting to listen to conversations.

We have this beautiful view from our campsite overlooking this lake (I previously misspoke and called it a river).  When the rain stopped, the kids came out to play in the playground and at the beach.

There are three other Airstreams here and the owners came by to chat.  Some people spend the whole summer here, then winter in the South. 

We will be leaving Houghton tomorrow, but only traveling about 20 miles.  We are staying in the UP for several weeks. 

DINNER:  Good ole’ hamburgers.  George grilled them, along with some onions.  Side was a rommaine and tomato salad.  I find rommaine hearts last longer than other lettuces.  I had him char a red bell pepper for me to use in an eggbake coming up later this week.  Peppers are just so much tastier if they have been charred and peeled, I think.

BOOK:  “Beauty Tips from Moose Jaw” by Will Ferguson.  I loved this book!  I learned about this author from a book I picked up in an RV park’s “library” awhile ago.  It was about hitchhiking in Japan (which I also did years ago!)  I liked his writing so much that I looked up other books by him.  His style is very similar to Bill Bryson’s, a favorite author of mine.  He is very witty.  This is sort of a travelogue about Canada.  5 stars out of 5.

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