Day #113 – Touring the Keweenawa Peninsula

LOCATION:  Western part of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula
CAMPGROUND:  McLain State Park
WEATHER:  Clear and cool.  High 64

We spent the day touring the Keweenawa Peninsula, the peninsula within the the bigger UP.  Our destination was Copper Harbor, where we will pick up the ferry tomorrow to go to Isle Royale.  We wanted to see how long the drive would be and to make sure we know where to pick up the ferry.

Copper Harbor is a cute town, formerly with lots of copper shipping industry, and now busy with tourism.  Guess what?  We found a brewery! 

Another one of those “What a small world” moments…..  The couple next to us at the brewery stayed in our campsite #4 at the Houghton RV Park the night we left.   They arrived early, and watched us depart.  They thanked us for leaving, as they got the only site left. 

For lunch, we ordered Lake Superior whitefish from the brewery’s  food truck.

We took a slower, more scenic drive back, up into the Brockway Mountains.  The view of Copper Harbor below is stunning.

Continuing our loop, we stopped at Eagle Harbor.  We visited the Life-Saving Museum which told of the life boats and crew that rescue boats traversing from Duluth to Sioux Ste. Marie.  I hope they don’t have to rescue us tomorrow!

The harbor there is pretty

Around the bay is one of the peninsula’s pretty lighthouses.

The shoreline is rugged and  pretty.

Farther on, we passed a pretty bay.  It looks like Jamaica or some tropical island –  sand, people in swimsuits on the beach and in the water…..until you open the window and realize that it is only 60 degrees!

Back at the campground, George made a fire “for ambiance”.  New campers arrived with a lot of kids.  4th of July weekend! 

DINNER:  An eggbake.  I found a recipe online, and then jazzed it up with more vegetables we have on hand  – charred red bell pepper, onions, garlic, green onions, artichoke hearts, spinach, and mushrooms.  Instead of bread, I cut up a leftover baked potato.  I made the recipe in the morning and let it sit all day.   All I had to do tonight was to bake it.  Easy-peesey and a nice change of pace.  Side was a spinach salad (gotta use the spinach up quickly). 

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