Day #115. Fabulous Isle Royale National Park

LOCATION:  Day on Isle Royale National Park, back to campground by evening
CAMPGROUND:  McLain State Park in western UP
WEATHER:  Much warmer.  On Isle Royale – 75; on mainland 85

On Isle Royale, we slept with our windows open and listened to the waves lapping against the rocks.  Here is the sunrise from our lodge room window..

Our lodge is simple, but nice

Since I am always Nervous Nellie about catching ferries, planes, and trains, I insisted that we do our hike early so we would not miss the 2:00 ferry.  We grabbed our walking sticks that George had made in the woods yesterday

And, off we went for another 4-mile hike.  We saw a lot of beautiful flowers

And, of course, George fished every few feet (all without a nibble)

Our trail took us through a wilderness ending in a point named after the discoverer.

Each time we encountered a fellow hiker, we would ask if they had seen any moose. Almost everyone said “yes”.  Sadly, we did not.  We did see hundreds of moose footprints in the muddy areas as well as moose poop.  One hiker told us that a teenager had seen a wolf; it was especially nice since it was his 16th birthday.

We didn’t miss the ferry.  Here we are taking off – you can see our lodge in the distance.

This is about the closest we got to a wolf. We were required to wear masks on the ferry

Woooo… We were rockin’ and rollin’ throughout the 4-hour ferry ride back to the mainland.  Several people looked a bit green.  I had to quite reading as I was starting to feel seasick, too.  It was next to impossible to get up to walk to the bathroom without falling down.  I was glad to make it back.

As we returned to Copper Harbor, the waiters and waitresses at one of the lakefront restaurants gathered, and welcomed the boat back by dancing, waving, and singing.  Apparently this is a 50-year old tradition.

On our way back to the campground, we passed this sign showing the record snowfall in this area.  30+ feet is the record.  Last year it was a record low, at half that amount.

As much as we loved this little side trip, it was good to get “home” to Joy. 

DINNER:  Chimichurri rice (thanks, Trader Joe’s!) with turkey thighs that George had grilled previously and frozen, plus a spinach salad, and some super-delicious fava beans in a tasty tomato sauce (again, hats off to Trader Joe’s). 

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