Day #117 – Last day in the Keweenaw Peninsula

LOCATION:  In western part of the Upper Peninsula (Michigan)
CAMPGROUND:  McLain State Park
WEATHER:  Very nice. High 82

We walked around the campground, watching the major exodus as people returned home after their 4th of July holiday. 

This past winter, some terrible storms with high waves from Lake Superior ripped out part of the campground.  The tall cliffs are eroding.  Some sites were torn away as well as the pavement.

An Airstream Land Yacht built in 2002 replaced our former neighbors.  Of course, George had to go over and talk with the owner.  He said this is his 15th Airstream.

We took off for a drive around a loop in the Keweenaw Peninsula.  Our GPS let us down again.  We wanted to take some back roads, but not a cow path like it wanted us to follow.  We had to make a U-turn to get back to civilization. 

We ended our drive, of course, at a brewpub.  This one was built in 1902 and has been lovingly kept. 

This cute mural is in the ladies’ room.

We couldn’t resist….We ordered their special called “The Beast”.  The burger was a combo of Wagyu beef, bison, boar, and elk.  It really was fantastic!

This is the town where a famous Notre Dame football player was born – Gipp. Ronald Reagan played him in a movie, and when Reagan was President, he often talked about “Get one for the Gipper”.

Back at the campground, I ran around to check the newly-vacated sites to see what people had left.  (This is one of my little jobs every day).  We scored –  some firewood and this grate that fits perfectly on Michigan state parks’ fire pits. 

DINNER:  Chinese gyosa pot stickers (dumplings) and Asian-style vegetables.  George browned the dumplings in the iron skillet over the fire while I made the dipping sauce……using ginger/miso broth, lots of minced garlic, fish sauce, and soy sauce. 

They were very tasty.  This is my new friend….purchased at Trader Joe’s (of course).  I am planning several upcoming meals to use more of this.

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