Day #123 – 4 months on the road on this year’s road trip

LOCATION:  Manistique, Michigan – in south central part of the Upper Peninsula
CAMPGROUND:  Indian Lake State Park
WEATHER:  Another gorgeous day.  Sunny.  High 78

Today marks 4 months on the road for this year’s spring/summer road trip.  Most days we do a lot of activities, but decided to “chill” today, staying around the campground.

We took a hike on a trail around the park.  It started with pavement, then transitioned to spongy, soft pine needles…..and then to a swamp.  We had to watch our step to avoid sinking in the mud.  We could see raccoon prints along the way.  After a few miles, we were back to civilization. 

A lot of campers left today (Sunday), but many more came in.  Before the new arrivals came, we walked around scrounging campfire wood people had left behind.  We scored! 

George made some tasty, spicy Bloody Marys and we enjoyed them on one of the benches next to the lake.

There were only a few boats, including these kayakers, on the lake.

DINNER:  Hamburgers on the grill.  Lots of side dishes – corn on the cob, a cucumber/tomato salad, and sweet potatoes. Very traditional campfare. 

BOOK:  Today was a good day for reading (while George watched  golf on TV).   I finished  “A Superior Death” by Nevada Barr.  This author writes a series of books, each set in one of our National Parks.  The protagonist is a female ranger who solves some sort of crime.  This one takes place on Isle Royale National Park, so it was fun to relate to landmarks she mentions.  My friend Darcy recommends that I  read  “Winter Study” which is another Nevada Barr book set on Isle Royale.  I will try to find it.  4 stars out of 5.

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