Day #125 – A cool ghost town

LOCATION:  Manistique, Michigan in south central part of the Upper Peninsula
CAMPGROUND:  Last night at Indian Lake State Park
WEATHER:  A bit cloudy, but super nice.  High 76

Today, we were off to Fayette State Park where the remains of an old iron processing town have been preserved.  About 20 buildings are left from Fayette, a town of about 500 people who lived and worked here in the 1870s and 1880s.  When the company folded, everyone left.  The town sat empty until the state bought the land to keep it as a historic landmark. 

We walked along its pretty harbor on a bay of Lake Michigan.  Traveling by water (or ice) was the main mode of transportation

This is the superintendent’s house and the doctor’s office/house – considered to be the upper class part of town.  Today a nice boat dock is an overnight home for some beautiful sailboats. 

This is where the iron processing took place.

These buildings were the town hall, barber shop, meat market, and hotel.

These are the remains of the company store.  The iron company owned everything.  The company deducted rent and company store purchases from the workers’ paychecks. 

We whizzed back to Manisitique for lunch in a bar/restaurant that we knew had good wifi (much-needed).  Then, on to the laundromat for afternoon fun  😦 

Back at the campground, George worked on bellows that he uses to stoke up the campfire.  These are probably at least 100 years old.  His grandmother used them and gave them to George

We don’t normally do “matchy-matchy clothes”, but today we happened to both put on the same t-shirts – ones from the Cajun RV Rally in Louisiana.

DINNER:  Flatbread pizza.  The other day at a campground, I picked up a brand-new pizza pan from a “Free” table. So tonight, I wanted to see how it does.    I used naan flat bread.  For the base, I combined some cream cheese and pesto.  Toppings were salami, tomatoes, oregano, mushrooms, green onions, and mozarella.  Molto bono! 

Another evening of Rick Steves’ travel DVDs.  Tonight we were on the Dalmation Coast. 

We walked down to the lake to watch the beautiful sunset.  We have enjoyed our stay here.  Tomorrow we are off again, northeast  to Lake Superior. 

Ducks in the foreground; kayakers in the distance
Only the kayakers are left….

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