Day #126 – GPS let us down…..again!

LOCATION:  Near Grand Marais, Michigan – in northeast part of Upper Peninsula
CAMPGROUND:  Lake Muskallonge State Park.  The park is on the lake and across the highway from Lake Superior.  Electricity.  Central water and dump station.  Brand new, clean bathrooms.  Fire pit and picnic table.  Nice, gravel and level site.  Some (including ours) sites have a lake view.  Sites fairly separated.  $27/night.  4 stars out of 5
WEATHER:  Nice.  Interesting changes from AM to PM.  High (here) 72

After a quiet morning, including a nice walk and some reading, we took off from Indian Lakes State Park – near Manistique on northern shore of Lake Michigan.  It was about 75 degrees when we left and headed north and east.

After about an hour, we stopped at a national wildlife reserve.  Interesting change in temperature – inland, away from the lakes.  It was about 88.  We had a picnic lunch inside Joy with this nice lily pond in front of us.

We took the 7-mile loop around the reserve.  It is narrow, winding, and one-way.

The wildlife is mostly birds.  There were beautiful swans and monarch butterflies. 

BUT – there were also hordes of biting flies trying to get to us.  We had to keep the windows up to avoid getting eaten up.  It was a nice drive, but I was glad to get back to civilization/pavement.

That pavement did not last too long.  Suddenly our highway posted the dreaded “Pavement Ends” sign.  There was nowhere to turn around.  GPS had taken us astray.  I could see on the map where we should be, but we were on a “shortcut”.  After a few miles of washboard-y dusty gravel, the road changed to dirt/sand.  Oh, no!  This is even worse.  We had about 20 miles on this disastrous road.  We both kept looking at the map on the phone to see how many miles were left.  If it started raining, the road would turn to mud and we would be toast.    The only other vehicle we encountered was an ATV..  The road is better suited for them! 

At last, we got back to the paved road we should have been on in the first place.  GPS let us down again…. We missed the turn into the park and so had to do a U-turn in the middle of the highway with a steep drop down to the lake.  George was driving.  I had to close my eyes. 

We made it and have a nice campsite.  The temperature difference is remarkable.  It is about 68 here.  This is our view….

Rain was predicted; the sky was turning grey; and thunder rumbled from across the lake.  So, we put up the tarp….just in case.  Without a ladder, this is a tedious and difficult chore.  We made it…..still divorce-free.  🙂 

DINNER:  This dish turned out surprisingly good.  I wanted to use up some smoked salmon that we had eaten for breakfast and some asparagus left from a previous meal.  So,  using a bunch of this and that…things I had on hand, I invented…..Shrimp/Smoked Salmon with Asparagus in a Light Cream Sauce…

I sauteed some shrimp, white asparagus, green onions, garlic, and mushrooms.  Meanwhile I boiled up some bowtie pasta.  When the shrimp mix was cooked, I added capers, a bit of cream cheese, and white wine .  I mixed the drained pasta into the shrimp mix.  To serve, I topped the dish with sliced smoked salmon and green onions.  Side was a salad with tomatoes, cucumbers, and radishes. 

We are at another location without any kind of TV or cell service.  So, it was back to Rick Steves tonight….with him in Germany, 

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