Day #133 — Beautiful Mackinaw Island

LOCATION:  Mackinaw City, Michigan
WEATHER:  Beautiful.  Sunny.  High 78

Mackinaw Island, Mackinac Island – no matter how you spell it, it delivers!  Wow!  We had a super good day there today.

Only downside – PEOPLE everywhere resulting in long lines.  Our campground has a free shuttle to the ferry dock.  We stood in line starting at 10:00 for the 10:30 shuttle.  It finally came at 11:00.  The line for the ferry was very long, winding its way around the parking lot.  Two ferries came and went that we couldn’t get on.  We finally got on the 3rd one at 12:45. 

A pirate ship took a bunch of children and their parents to the island.  The kids were so excited, most wearing pirate hats.

The ride itself was nice – about 20 minutes.  We enjoyed the view of the bridge from the boat.

Here we are, approaching the island…

The streets are just packed with tourists – shopping, buying fudge, and waiting in lines in front of restaurants.  We got off the beaten track a bit and found a nice place for a quiet lunch.  (The Gatehouse – owned by the Grand Hotel, but not on their property)

What hit me most about the island is the flowers – they are at their perfection and are everywhere!  There are a lot of old Victorian homes that are now B&Bs, all with their pretty gardens

Some of the homes look like they are still private residences.

And, then there is the Grand Hotel.  It really is grand!

There are many smaller, quaint hotels, too.  All posted “no vacancy” signs.

Cars are not allowed on the island, so the modes of transportation are by horse, horse and wagon, or  bicycle. 

There are bicyclists and bikes parked everywhere!

We watched a horse-drawn cart deliver cases of beer and beer kegs to this restaurant.

And, this guy was getting ready to pedal his delivery bike, loaded down with luggage, to a hotel.

This is the view of main street as we got ready to return.  I think we were the only tourists not carrying shopping bags of goodies – mostly fudge and sweatshirts.  🙂 

We didn’t have to wait in line long on the return.  Right across the street from the ferry terminal is a brewpub.  We checked it out, and then hopped on the shuttle back to the campground.  A very nice day!

DINNER:  A meatless dinner tonight…..Grilled portabello sandwiches.  George grilled the mushrooms, bell pepper, and onion on the campfire.  I sliced the bell pepper and onion for the sandwiches, on toasted ciabatta rolls.  I will save the rest of the pepper and onion for future dishes. 

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