Day #135…Good Michigan food….and drink

LOCATION:  Mackinaw City, Michigan
WEATHER:  Mostly sunny.  High 76

Michigan cherries for breakfast!  Yum!

In the morning,  I spent several tense hours on the phone and on the computer trying to get camping reservations for 2 weeks in August, before we go to Canada.  In previous years, I have not made many reservations – as we like to “wing” it…..If we find a place we like, we stay longer, etc.  This year, campgrounds are bursting at their seams.  I made Michigan camping reservations back in February for the months of June, July and up to mid-August.  I was “on hold” starting in mid-August, waiting for the Canada border decision.  So, today I needed to book the 2 week gap. I looked at everything – state parks, Harvest Hosts, commerical parks.  I was even willing to pay $125/night in one of the RV resorts, but still nothing available!!!  Finally, finally, I got us booked. One of the Friday night was the most difficult. It was my final call, and they had 1 spot left.    I can breathe again….

George wanted to check out a microbrewery outside of town for lunch.   This one is very authentic, and appeals to serious beer drinkers.  They serve mostly Belgian and French-style beers. 

I had a Scandinavian IPA and George tried 3 different kinds (short glasses) –  imperial stout, farmhouse ale, and a strong, dark Belgian. 

They used to serve food, but they closed their kitchen because they cannot get staff.  (This is something we are hearing a lot).  So, they have a food truck instead.

We snacked on their potstickers while we sipped on our beers. 

Then, we checked out a fish store that we had spotted.  They have a great selection of fresh and smoked fish.  We bought a smoked trout and smoked whitefish spread.  The smoke aroma was fabulous

DINNER:  For an appetizer, we had the smoked whitefish spread on some toasted flat bread. 

The main course was a take-off on Swedish meatballs:  I sauteed some onions and mushrooms, then added some hamburger (previously grilled and frozen) and sour cream.  George heated up the mixture in the iron skillet over the campfire.  Sides were sweet potato and Michigan corn-on-the-cob (which we had bought at the vegetable stand yesterday). 

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