Day #137 – Exploring the town of Mackinaw City

LOCATION:  Mackinaw City, Michigan
CAMPGROUND:  Wilderness State Park
WEATHER:  Sunny and warm – High 82

We hiked around the park this morning and then headed to town for lunch.  George liked the Belgian brewery so much that he wanted to go back.

This time he had a farmhouse ale and a Belgian light beer.  A different food truck was there today, so we shared one of its hamburgers.

We drove around the town of Mackinaw City.  Its downtown is full of tourists and tourist-y shops selling fudge, taffy, sweatshirts, ferry tickets, and souvenirs.  We went to the old fort with its lighthouse

You can see the bridge in the background.  Here is a view of the bridge from the fort’s park.

We drove out to a point with another pretty lighthouse.  Most of the lighthouses switched to automatic lights in the early 1900s. 

I had to stick my foot in to see how cold the Straits of Mackinaw/Lake Michigan are – very cold!

DINNER:  George got a good fire going and grilled a rib-eye steak.  Sides were homemade cole slaw (my first attempt to make it – wanting to use up the cabbage that is hogging the refrigerator), and mashed potatoes. 

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