Day #138 — I LOVE Harbor Springs!!!

LOCATION:  Mackinaw City, Michigan
CAMPGROUND:  Wilderness State Park
WEATHER:  Another beauty.  Sunny.  High 80

What a FUN day! 

In the morning, we wanted to get some exercise so we took one of the many trails around the park.  It was about a 4-mile hike, all very nice except the mosquitoes found us in some of the swampy areas. 

Then, we were off for the day…..We drove a big loop around the lakeshore (Lake Michigan).  A friend who used to live in this area gave us some suggestions about places to see.  Wow! 

First we drove through the “Tunnel of Trees”.  Aptly named – it is a 20-mile stretch through the forest with Lake Michigan below.  The road is very narrow – so that when another car approaches, one car has to stop to let the other go by.

Halfway in, we stopped at a little town established by the Polish years ago.  There is a famous little restaurant there with interesting architecture and a fantastic view of the lake.  Unfortunately, they were closed on Mondays so we missed a Polish sausage lunch.

Besides the beautiful scenery, I enjoyed looking at the gorgeous homes nestled in the woods, many of which were actually under us hugging the hills over the lake.

Then…ta-da!  Harbor Springs!  I could not believe it.  It is a very high-end beach town, reminding me of Newport, Rhode Island or some exclusive south Florida beach area. 

The downtown is super cute and we stopped for lunch in a downtown cafe that has been a family business for more than 100 years.

There are flowers everywhere..

The town beach was full with sun-seekers

We followed our friend’s suggestion and visited her friend’s glass-blowing shop.

As we walked around downtown, we noticed that everyone was munching on ice cream cones,  a must-do in a beach town.  George had to join the group…

At the harbor were HUGE yachts and sailboats getting ready for a regatta.  This one belongs to our daughter Alexis (NOT!)  …

Here is George looking nautical in front of ours (haha)

Harbor Springs seems like a very upscale place.  We drove around with our jaws dropped gawking at the many, many lakeside mansions, all spilling over with flowers and beautiful yards.  I could absolutely live here.

Then, continuing our loop, we drove back to Mackinaw City where we stopped at a fish market.  We bought some fish sausage that we would like to try, some whitefish pate’, some in-house smoked jerky, and tonight’s walleye dinner, freshly caught from Lake Michigan.

DINNER:  We cooked up the walleye over the campfire.  Sides were steamed rice and a salad. 

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