Day #139 – Lakefront property purchase?

LOCATION:  In the middle of nowhere in northern Michigan (lower peninsula).
CAMPGROUND:  Cellar 1914 – a Harvest Host winery.  We are in a huge field that could accomodate 20 RVs, but we are the only ones here.  A family farm, founded in 1914.  We are surrounded by cornfields and 1100 acres of cherry trees.  Nice tasting room.  Very friendly.   Level spot on grass.  5 stars out of 5.  Decent wine
WEATHER:  Rain overnight, clearing to becoming sunny in PM.  High 73

It is like Camelot here – it only rains at night!  And boy, did it rain overnight!!!   Lots of thunderstorms.  Locals said it was the biggest storm of the summer.  Our tarp held tight, and we didn’t get any leaks.

While still at Wilderness State Park (outside of Mackinaw City), we met up with a realtor to look at a house!!!!! We had passed it the other day and it looked super cute. 

It turns out that it is more of a cabin than a house.  It is even tinier than our tiny house in Texas – 225 sqaure feet.

The view/location is everything.

This is the deck -with the view from the main (only) room

The owners lived in their RV while here, and used the house as a living room. 

The downside is that there is no bathroom (as they used their RV’s).  There are RV hook-ups (but no sewer).  $225K.  It is a bit tempting, but too many downsides.   There is no real kitchen either…

So, no – we will  keep on looking.

Then, on to tonight’s stay.  Our route provided beautiful lakeshore views with amazing houses.  Where do all these people get their money?  We drove through popular Petoskey and Charlevoix.  We will be returning to both.  People, people, everywhere! 

This winery is out in the middle of nowhere.  The main highway is closed for construction, so our GPS took us down country roads, 1 mile and then a left, 2 miles then a right, another 3 miles and a right, etc etc.  All were paved except the last road.  A highway road truck was dumping sand on the road as we neared that last stretch.  I had to gun it to make it through the loose, soft sand. 

As we entered the farm, a nice man came out to meet us.  He is the great-grandson of the original owner who founded the farm in 1914.  He directed us to a field to park Joy.  After getting set up, we returned to the winery for a tasting.

It is all a family affair.  This is another great-grandson pouring wines. 

In addition to making wine, they do a lot of events for children – like a corn maze, tours of the farm, games out in the field.

We are at least 20 miles from the nearest town, so we were surprised that they were so busy.  All locals, who all seem to know each other. 

We always support the Harvest Hosts, so we paid for some tastings and bought a bottle of red wine. 

DINNER:  Leftover gnocchi to which I added zucchini, onions, mushrooms, garlic, and tomatoes.  At Harvest Host sites, we have to cook inside.  This was an easy option. 

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