Day #142 – Are we in Napa Valley or Michigan?!!!

LOCATION:  Traverse City, Michigan
CAMPGROUND:  Traverse City State Park
WEATHER:  Gorgeous!  Sunny.  High 75

Today was a perfect day!  We headed out to Mission Peninsula, a skinny strip of land jutting out into Lake Michigan that is chock-full of wineries and vineyards. 

We randomly stopped at our first winery.  All of the wineries grow their own grapes here.  The countryside is full of wineries. There are also cherry and apple trees.

This first winery was very homey.  George offered to be the DD today.  I started with a tasting there.  I liked their pinot noir.

The wine pourer is a local college student who works here in the summer.  She gave us some great recommendations of other wineries to try and places for lunch.

On to our second winery.  This one has a gorgeous view of the lake.  We sat out on the patio and I had a glass of their dry red.

We found a brewpub (this peninsula has everything!) for lunch.  The pub also has an event center and we watched a wedding going on.  Our waitress said they have at least one wedding a day in the summers.

At the end of the peninsula is the Mission Lighthouse. 

Even though it was a bit brisk, the Michiganers were out in the lake.

We stopped by the Old Mission Store, in business with the same family for 182 years!

Then, to our 3rd and final winery.  This one is also a lavender farm.  Some people were doing the U-pick, although the season has just finished.

We savored this last wine, a cab/merlot blend at the 3rd winery’s lawn bar.

We peeked over the lavender bushes to see the lake.

What a lovely, lovely day!  I could certainly return there to visit some other wineries.  It really felt like Napa Valley, except the prices were more reasonable, the views more spectacular (Lake Michigan),  and the wait staff friendlier.  Love it!!!

DINNER:  At the last fish market we went to, we bought some fish sausage that I was anxious to try.  It was Cajun style, so I made a kind of New Orleans rice/seafood dish – with yellow rice, shrimp sauteed with onions and garlic, all with slices of the fish sausage.  We liked it! 

All of the campgrounds we stay in have signs/rules about quiet time starting at 10:00 PM.  Our neighbors must not have read the rules.    We heard them partying all evening.    By 10:30, it was pretty bad.  Another group had joined them for a birthday party and they were doing karaoke.  George had to ask them to be quiet. 

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