Day #144 – Walking and drinking our way around Traverse City!

LOCATION:  Traverse City, Michigan
CAMPGROUND:  Traverse City State Park
WEATHER:  Rain in the AM, clearing to be a very nice day.  High 78

We discovered a sweet back-door gate to the campground that leads to the beach and to the bus stop.  The city offers free bus rides which we could not resist – nice not to have to fight the traffic, find a parking space, pay for parking, etc.  So, off we went!  We were the only riders so of course George struck up a conversation with our driver.

He told him that we were looking for lunch and beer, so the driver took us to his favorite brewpub.  What service!  Unfortunately, the brewpub was closed on Sundays…..:-(

So, we whipped out the phone and found another brewpub (Traverse City is full of them.)  We wanted to get in some good walking exercise, so we headed on foot to Traverse City’s Old Town District.  The brewery was great – really friendly people.  We had a portobello sandwich from their food truck.

Stop #2 was a distillery we had spotted previously, so we got out the GPS and started walking there.  Many of the streets in the residential area are closed due to construction.  There is a river going through town, and several bridges are being rebuilt.  This meant a bit of confusion for us and a lot of walking detours.  But, we made it!

Not done yet… more brewery — Right Brain.

  We have been here before during a previous visit to Traverse City.  It is really funky – a warehouse-type atmosphere. 

How lucky we are….A jazz band was playing on their patio.  They are from a music school in Connecticut, with ties to Right Brain.  They were excellent!

By this time (2 breweries, 1 distillery, and 10,000 steps), we were pooped.  We walked and walked some more, and found a bus stop.  It dropped us off right in front of our campground. 

What a good day!  It was topped by finding that our noisy neighbors have left and have been replaced with some quiet, older folks. 

DINNER:  Mediterranean Chicken Bowl

I am trying to go through the many recipes I have clipped from magazines, and this is another one.  Pretty easy and tasty……Combine chicken breast or thigh pieces, diced onions, olive oil, sumac, salt, pepper, oregano, cherry tomatoes, lemon zest, and lemon juice.  I just put everything in a baggie to mix.  Then, George put the mix in our iron skillet and cooked it over the campfire. 

Since we are here for a week without water hook-ups, I am trying to be careful about water usage.  Mixing in a baggie means one less bowl to wash.  The recipe calls for serving on top of quinoa.  I substituted farro, which I have on hand. 

Side was more fresh food from yesterday’s farmers’ market – a salad with cucumber, tomato, and basil. 

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