Day #145 – Meeting up with friends

LOCATION:  Traverse City, Michigan
CAMPGROUND:  Traverse City State Park
WEATHER:  Another winner!  Sunny.  High 76

Today’s plan was to meet up with some friends from Retama Village who live south of Traverse City in the summer. 

First we drove over to the western coast of Lake Michigan to the cute town of Frankfort.  We made a bee-line for their brewpub for lunch.  We usually sit at the bar and are served immediately.  I heard the host tell those wanting a table that the wait would be at least an hour.  The interior of the brewpub has a lot of cool photos showing  what life on the beach looked like in the past. 

And, here is George enjoying a beer and sandwich

We walked around the marina and beach, passing Al Capone’s former summer house

We then met up with our friends at their beautiful house overlooking Bear Lake.  What a view and what a nice house!  After a tour, they took us to a nearby distillery.  Even though it is out in the middle of nowhere, it was doing a brisk business.  We sampled some spirits and then each ordered a cocktail.  Cheers!

On to a meadery, again very popular.  Lots of people on the lawn, listening to music. 

What a great day! 

DINNER:  Leftovers supreme!  I turned the leftovers from the steak/kale/chanterelle dinner from the other night into a creamy stew, by adding some cream cheese and cream.  Side was diced cucumber in herbed yogurt.

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