Day #146 – The Lovely Leelanau Peninsula

LOCATION:  Traverse City, Michigan
CAMPGROUND:  Traverse City State Park
WEATHER:  This great weather just continues.  Sunny.  High 79

We are going to Hawaii in December.  I received an email from Orbitz saying that our flight had been canceled, and to contact them to reschedule.  This morning was ruined by being on the phone with them for FOUR hours.  I was so frustrated. 

As soon as that business was accomplished, we took off for the Leelanau Peninsula, about 15 miles away.  Like Old Mission Peninsula that we visited the other day, it is a piece of land that juts out into Lake Michigan and is full of fruit trees, hayfields, vineyards, and gorgeous houses. 

The first stop was lunch. We ate at a new outdoor brewpub.  I don’t know if it is due to Covid, short-staffing, or just a wish to be more efficient,  but all of the service was done by phone.  We ordered on our phone, then received a message when to pick up the food at the counter.  To me, you lose some of the personality of the pub, but it was a cool outdoor setting. 

At the tip of the peninsula is an old lighthouse, nicely preserved in the state park. 

We made a big circle, and drove back on the other side of the peninsula.  We stopped at an organic winery for a glass of wine.  It is kind of a funky place, completely unpretentious…

They make a lot of ciders from their apple trees, including a lavender one we tasted.  (Not my cup of tea). 

Continuing south, we passed through Sleeping Bear Dunes, which we have visited before, and then stopped in Leland’s historic Fish Town. 

We bought some smoked whitefish at this shack.

The fish might have been caught in this old boat, named Joy

These shacks, that had previously housed fishermen, are now shops.

Our final stop before reaching Traverse City was this little restaurant on a cove.  It felt like Key West, complete with Jimmy Buffet in the background. 

DINNER:  This week’s meatless dinner – cheesy, herby gnocchi.  I found this recipe online to use some of the gnocchi hogging my freezer.  I sauteed garlic, basil, parsley, oregano, cherry tomatoes,  and red pepper flakes,  then added Parmesan, cream, and the cooked gnocchi.  All of that went into a Pyrex dish with mozarella on top.  I baked it until the cheese was golden brown.  Side dish was grean beans, bought at the farmers’ market the other day. 

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