Day #147 – Crazy about Traverse City!

LOCATION:  Traverse City, Michigan
CAMPGROUND:  Traverse City State Park
WEATHER:  Sunny.  High 80

Today is our last full day in Traverse City and we planned to continue our quest to hit every brewery around town.  Ha! 

We slipped out the campground’s back entrance and used the overpass to get to the bus stop.  This is the view from the overpass – we are right on Lake Michigan.

We took the (free) bus to downtown.  Our first stop was North Peak Brewery, right next to the bus terminal.  A few blocks away was our next brewery – WorkShop.  It has kind of a socialist vibe….their wifi password is “comrade”.  Lunch was a big platter of chicken wings. 

Our next destination required quite a long walk.  We strolled through lovely residential neighborhoods with well-kept old houses and beautiful flowers.

I think the town is quite liberal….we saw a lot of “Black Lives Matter” and “Up North Pride” signs on the homes’ front porches and yards.

There are also neighborhood lending libraries everywhere.  I picked up a few interesting-looking books.

We were happy to reach our destination, as by now we were a bit hot, sweaty, and thirsty.  It is an area called Grand Traverse Commons, the former site of the state’s mental hospital.  It is a huge area, housing at one point 15,000 patients. 

The buildings have been converted to lofts, private houses, offices, shops, restaurants, and bars.  The first building we went to was formerly the laundry room, and is now a winery/cidery. 

After luxuriating in their air-conditioned comfort, we walked just a few steps to a brewery, a building that was the mental hospital’s paint-shop/maintenance shop

This is one set of condos, formerly patients’ rooms, next to the brewery.  There is still a lot of renovation going on in the area.  It is really a cool concept. 

The bus picked us up only a few feet away, without a wait.  (Glad we did not have to re-trace our steps back to downtown).

DINNER:  Hamburgers.  Side was steamed broccoli, purchased at the farmers’ market the other day.  I am working my way through all the veg we bought that day!

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