Day #149 — New newbie neighbors

LOCATION:  East Tawas, Michigan – on Lake Huron
CAMPGROUND:  Tawas Point State Park
WEATHER:  Hazy.  Occasional rain.  High 78

We hiked around the campground and out to the lighthouse, for some exercise. Due to shifting sands, the lighthouse is no longer on the water.

Tomorrow we are staying with a friend’s sister, so this morning I made some side dishes to contribute to dinner. 

Then, in to town for lunch.  Strangely, there aren’t any good waterfront places, but we found a good local brunch-type place. 

We found a local farm market and did some shopping.  We bought some Michigan peaches that have just come on the market. 

Back at the campground, George tried fishing for a bit.  He has maintained his record so far – not a single bite!

In the evening, we built a fire and sat outside to watch the new campers roll in, being Friday evening.  The guy next to us is an obvious newbie – brand-new RV, still with the stickers on it.  He had a really hard time getting into his site, cursing up a storm and yelling at his wife.  Finally, he said he was just going to leave it where it was, just inches from our trailer and right over the firepit.  They won’t be able to make a fire. 

This summer we have observed a lot of new campers.  One thing that irritates us is the way they burn things.  Many throw all their garbage – plastic water bottles, styrofoam cups, and beer cans into the firepit, and then try to burn it all by adding a lot of charcoal lighter.   It stinks to high heaven!  Also, some buy a bunch of campfire wood, wrapped in plastic, and throw the entire bundle,  still wrapped up in the plastic, on the fire.  Again, the burning plastic stinks and hurts one’s eyes. 

DINNER:  George (on the other hand), made an excellent fire.  He cooked corn-on-the-cob and chicken on the grate over the fire.  After grilling the chicken, I added some BBQ sauce, wrapped up the chicken in aluminum foil, and finished the cooking.  We used our new technique for corn – We soaked the cobs, shucks, silks, and all, in salted water for a few hours.  Then, put the cobs on the fire.  They turn out great that way!  Side was some leftover fried rice. 

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