Day #152 – A Day on the Lake

LOCATION:  East Jordan, Michigan
CAMPGROUND:  6 Mile Lake Campground
WEATHER:  On-and-off rain.  High 79

We awoke to the sun coming up over the lake.  This is the view from our bedroom window (in the back)

A lady who lives next to this campground stopped by to chat as I was drinking coffee at our picnic table.  She is a real character, telling us about herself,  the people around the lake, and suggestions of things to see/do nearby.  Meanwhile, George started getting the pontoon ready for us.  George got his fishing pole and gear ready; I packed water and a book.  (my idea of fishing)

I wish I could include photos of the day, but we had an uh-oh moment at the end of the day…..I asked George to hand me my jacket as we finished up our last trip of the day.  He threw it to me, but didn’t realize that his phone was in the jacket.  The phone went flying and plopped into the lake.  He jumped in and fished around for it with his feet.  Found it!  We dried it off and are hoping that it recuperates in a day or so.  Meanwhile – I took lots of photos on that phone today, but now they aren’t available. 

For our first trip of the day, we made a big circle of the lake – George fishing, me reading and admiring some of the lake houses.  We saw swans and loons.  (Pretend you are looking at photos of swans, loons, and houses)

We came back in for lunch.  As soon as we got tied up, the skies opened up. 

While it rained, we ate lunch and relaxed.  When the rain stopped, we went out again on the pontoon.  There are 4 campsites in this little campground.  One belongs to the owner.  One RV left this morning, so this r-Pod and our Airstream are the only ones left.  (We are particularly fond of r-Pods as our good traveling friends travel in one). 

This r-Pod belongs to a single lady.  We invited her to go out with us on this second trip.  She brought her little dog, all bundled up in a little life jacket.  (Pretend you are looking at a photo of the cute dog on the pontoon).

We saw (and listened to) more loons.  They are fun to watch diving for fish.  After a nice ride, we returned to the campground, right when it started raining again…..We have good timing!

Again, the rain stopped and we went out for a sunset cruise.  George thought he caught a fish, but it was just weeds.  His record isn’t broken!  (Pretend you are looking at a photo with weed on the hook).

When we got back, we found some zucchini the neighbor lady from down the road brought us.  How kind!

The r-Pod lady gave us some tomatoes and eggs that she had been given at a Harvest Host stay.  In turn, we gave her some of the kale we had picked at our friends’ farm.  Nice!

DINNER:  I wanted to use the Swiss chard that we had picked earlier, so I modified this recipe that I have described before:

cherry tomatoes
protein  – shrimp or chicken or tofu or beef
cooked farro
pepper flakes
spinach or kale or Swiss chard
chicken or vegetable broth
white wine

Saute shrimp (or other protein) , onion, garlic – each separately and drain
Saute tomatoes – remove
Saute spinach/kale/Swiss chard –  remove
Put wine, oregano, salt and pepper, and chicken broth in pan
Put everything back including farro
Stir in a little feta

Put all in Pyrex.  Top with feta.  Bake until warm

Side was zucchini and mushrooms, using the zucchini that we had received earlier today. 

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