Day #153…A pain in the butt

LOCATION:  East Jordan, Michigan
CAMPGROUND:  6 Mile Lake Campground
WEATHER:  Foggy, overcast.  High 80 – muggy.  Some rain

Today’s agenda was to go to Petoskey where I had a massage therapy appointment – with our friend’s sister who is a therapist.  I’ve had a pain in the butt (not George!)  due to sitting too long driving and at the dinette table in the trailer 

On our way there, we stopped in the town of East Jordan.  It is quite pretty.  It has a lake that leads out to Lake Michigan. 

In the town square, a group of musicians were rehearsing for an outdoor concert.  We stopped to listen to them for awhile.

The therapist worked miracles!

On our way back home, we took an alternate route to check out Torch Lake.  National Geographic named it one of the prettiest lakes in the world, so we wanted to see it.

The fog cleared and it was a beautiful evening.  George and our r-Pod camper neighbor shared a beer while I made dinner.

DINNER:  I’ve made this before – an Asian dish using ramen or thin spaghetti.  The sauce is made by mixing fish sauce, soy sauce,  white wine, honey, minced ginger, tahini, pepper flakes, and sesame oil.  I added some leftover diced chicken. 

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