Day #154. Stormy weather!?!

LOCATION:  Cadillac, MI – north central part of Michigan
CAMPGROUND:  Lake Mitchell State Park.  Grassy, level site with quite a few trees.  Level.  Electricity.  Central water and sewer.  Clean, newish bathrooms/shower.  Doesn’t seem as cramped as some state parks.  Located between 2 lakes, but no lake views.  Our site is close to highway  – noisy.  $37/night.  4 stars
WEATHER:  Stormy-looking.  High 78

While still at our cute little campground in East Jordan, we took a drive around the lake to look at the lake homes we had seen from the boat.  We also checked out an Amish market nearby.  Then, we said goodbye to this lovely place.

Of all the states where we have driven, Michigan has the best roadside park system.  We stopped at this nice spot for lunch – on the other side of Torch Lake which we had visited yesterday.

As the afternoon rolled on and as we drove south, the sky became darker.  We got a few sprinkles and the wind started picking up.  The forecast for Cadillac was grim – rain, hail, strong winds, and possibly tornados.  We wanted to arrive before the storm hit.  We passed through a large area that had been hit by strong winds yesterday.  There were entire swaths of trees that had been blown over.  It looked like the highway had been closed for a while before the downed trees were removed. 

So, when we arrived, we put up the tarp – for the rain and hail. 

We stayed hooked up, with the logic that we would be heavier, and harder to blow over.  George put down the stabilizers.  We felt as prepped as we could.

The bad weather was scheduled to arrive at 6:00, so we took a walk along the lake.  We stopped at a lakefront restaurant and had a drink on their deck.  We are nestled between Lake Mitchell and Cadillac Lake.  We stopped at a fruit/veg stand and bought some Michigan plums. 

Then……nothing!  Zilch!  The storm changed directions and we just got a few raindrops overnight.  At least we were prepared!

DINNER:  Something I made up that ended up pretty tasty – Baked Gnocchi with Cheese.  I boiled the gnocchi as per the package directions, then placed them in a buttered Pyrex dish.   I dotted it with cheese and baked until the gnocchi were golden brown.   Side was a medley of summer squash, mushrooms, onions, scallions, and garlic with a few slices of leftover steak. 

Whenever I bake something, George has to get on his hands and knees to light the oven….something he loves to do…..NOT!

BOOK:  “The Rose Code” by Kate Quinn. True story based on female code-breakers in WWII based in Bletchley Park, England.  It was quite good, and was especially interesting since we had visited Bletchley Park a few years ago and toured the buildings where the women worked. 

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