Day #157 – We are liking Manistee!

LOCATION:  Manistee, Michigan
CAMPGROUND:  Insta-Launch RV Park
WEATHER:  Beautiful.  Cool (40s) in the AM, warming to 78

I walked around the RV park in the AM.  This is the view of Joy from across our private inlet.

Since we really like Manistee (but not so much this RV park), we checked out the state park here.  We weren’t able to get reservations in the state park this year, but may try to stay there next summer – if we book in January or so.  We spotted some particularly nice spots with lake views.  While we were driving around, we noticed that the city bus comes in to the park – quite a nice bonus!

Then, to downtown for lunch.  We ate at Blue Fish Restaurant.  We were able to eat on the patio so we could watch boats go by on the river below.

We shared a really good warm whitefish dip topped with gruyere cheese.  Decadent!

We drove out in the country and found this cidery/winery that a friend had recommended.

We chatted with another full-time RV couple which was nice, while we tried a cider. 

Across the road was a big pile of free firewood – can’t pass that up!

Back at the RV park, George watched golf while I took advantage of the park’s laundry center, always a fun activity….not.

I then recuperated with a glass of wine on our waterfront site.

It’s fun watching the children catching crawdads and toads, and playing in the water.  Fishing boats were also returning for the day.

George built a fire to cook our dinner.  Our firepit has seen better days – The rusted grate is very bent in the middle.

The other day, I bought a beautiful, huge head of cauliflower.

Now I am trying to use it up before it spoils and/or before I get tired of it hogging the refrigerator.  So tonight I made an Indian style side dish with it…

Indian Cauliflower

Mix together….

2 T olive oil
1 tsp coriander seeds
1 tsp cumin seeds
1 tsp curry powder
1 tsp turmeric
salt and pepper

Especially while camping, I use a plastic bag to do things like this – saves one bowl from washing.  Add the cauliflower florets – I used about a half of the large head I have.  Give it a good shake to coat the cauliflower.

Spread onto a bakiing sheet.  Roast at 450 for 15-25  minutes, depending on how soft you like it.  It will turn golden.  Serve with lime zest and grated ginger.

DINNER:  Grilled chicken breast, this Indian cauliflower dish, and some steamed rice. 

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