Day #160 – Charlevoix, one of America’s cutest cities

LOCATION:  Middle of nowhere,  northern Michigan
CAMPGROUND:   Chandler Hill Campground
WEATHER:  Sunny.  High 84

Today’s adventure was a visit to Charlevoix, named one of the cutest towns in the USA.  Unfortunately, it is about an hour from here, including some gravel roads. 

On our way there, we took a detour to follow a sign for a brewery.  George was intrigued by its name – Burnt Marshmallow. 

It is an outdoors-only brewery.  Guests in the winter can keep warm in these “igloos”.

George befriended their two pot-bellied pigs – Coco Chanel and Posie.

Then, onward to Charlevoix, now a very popular tourist town.   It has a nice harbor

We had lunch at a restaurant overlooking the harbor –

This is the view from the restaurant’s patio..

We shared a seared ahi tuna plate.  It was out of this world!

Then, we strolled around downtown, with its many cute shops

There is a lot of wealth here, too. This 25,000 square foot home is  someone’s summer house.

We stopped at this fish store to buy some smoked salmon.  Our friend Pat from Rochester had recommended it – It has been around, unchanged, for many years.

On to another brewery for George.  He was taking advantage of my DD status today.  To get there, we had to go directly through road construction.  Ignoring the signs saying “Road Closed” and “No Through Traffic”, we plowed our way through, dodging dump trucks and  other huge vehicles.  After about 5 miles of this, we arrived at this brewery/art studio.  The owners still live upstairs.

They have a wonderful view of Lake Michigan below.  Like the other brewery, they have greenhouses to keep customers coming in the winter.

It took more than an hour to return home, with yet more detours and gravel roads.  The truck is covered with dirt. 

Once back, we hit the swimming pool for some R&R!

DINNER:  Brats on the grill.  We had bought 3 at a market a few days ago – 1) jalapeno/pepperjack cheese, 2) mushroom/Swiss cheese, and 3) chicken sausage with feta and spinach.  We cooked them all and had some of each. They are all delicious.   There are leftovers, of course.   Side was the rest of the cauliflower salad over arugula. 

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