Day #161 – We’re going to Canada!

LOCATION:  North central Michigan, out in the country
CAMPGROUND:  Chandler Hill Campground
WEATHER:  Another winner.  Sunny.  High 80

We headed over to Petoskey today, about 45 minutes away, again down gravel roads part of the way. 

Our mission was to get the Covid test in order to be able to go to Canada later this week.  We  had tried calling and booking appointments on line, but websites and phone trees stood in our way.  So, we stopped at one pharmacy to inquire – about price, availability, and the results process.   They don’t administer the tests, but directed us to another.  That one was totally booked for today, tomorrrow, and Friday.  George sweet-talked one of the nurses, who then squeezed us in.  Hooray!   We aren’t sure about whether we will need another test to return to the USA, but we are going to gamble, and not get a second test, at least for now.  We don’t know how much we will have to pay – as they billed Medicare.  I will update readers when we get the Medicare statement. 

Next up was an oil change and car wash.


We toured a small town next to Petoskey called Bay View.  It is a utopian village established by the Methodist Church.  All of the houses are beautiful Victorians.  There is a lot of green space, and commons areas.  They offer classes, lectures, concerts, etc to their residents.  The public can attend, too.  It is like a college campus. 

There are lots of bike paths, and an overpass that Bay View residents can use to access Lake Michigan.  Beautifully planned!

From there, we headed to a winery/brewery for lunch.  The grapes look almost ready to pick.

It was quite cozy. We shared a meat/cheese platter.

This winery, like many, has a “wine dog”.  This one took a fancy to George

We checked our email, and got the notice that our Covid test is negative.  WE ARE GOING TO CANADA!

On our way back, we stopped at a beautiful garden center/vegetable market. I have never seen such huge tomatoes – note the dime on top of the largest one, to give a sense of size

They have a lovely view of Lake Michigan

Back at the campground, we relaxed by the pool again.  Yesterday we had it to ourselves; today we shared it with a nice family.  They stay here from April-October each year.  I think they spend their days on the trails with their ORVs.  I can’t imagine staying 7 months here!

DINNER:  An Asian theme…..I stir-fried some fake crab meat with onions and garlic, adding some fish sauce, soy sauce, and sesame oil. I added some cooked rice to complete the stir-fry.  Side was lettuce and tomato salad, with chow mein noodles as croutons. 

BOOK:  “Winter Study” by Nevada Barr.  This is the author who writes stories based in national parks.  This one takes features Isle Royale, where we visited last month.  This is her second book with this national park as a back-drop.  The other one, “Superior Death”,  takes place in the summer;  this one is about a wolf-counting study in January.      4 stars out of 5

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