Day #167 – Lots of ups and downs!

LOCATION:  Jackson Center, Ohio – in central part of state
CAMPGROUND:  The “terraport” of the Airstream factory.   Full hook-ups.  Free.  No shade, so very hot.
WEATHER:  HOT!!!  High 95.  105 heat index. 

We got up early since we had a long driving day ahead of us.  We were pleasantly surprised that there hadn’t been too much road noise during the night, even though we were right off Interstate 75.

We had a lot of ups and downs all day.  First up and down —  the morning temperature was very pleasant, at around 65.  During the day we watched the gauge go up and up – to 95.  Then, we drove through a very hard rain storm and it cooled down to 75.  After the rain, we watched the temp go back to a very muggy 95.

For lunch, we stopped at a roadside park where we saw really unusual, huge mushrooms.  George looked them up – Jack o’ Lantern mushrooms

Second up and down – the price of gas jumped all around today.  We started the day seeing signs for $3.29/gallon.  During the trip, the prices went down to $2.65/gallon.  When we needed gas, ours was $2.85/gallon, the cheapest we have bought in a long time.

Third up and down –  our GPS took us through a lot of backroads.  Most were ok.  We turned a corner and saw a bridge that said – no vehicles over 9 feet.  As we drove farther, we saw why – a very low underpass.

George said, “I THINK we can make it”.  I was driving and freaked out, thinking that I did not want to chance it.  So, I turned into a church parking lot to make a U-turn.  The church must not have wanted travelers to do this very thing, as they had put up a cable about 8-feet high to keep out vehicles. (How un-Christian!!!)    By this time, I was halfway in the driveway and halfway still on the highway.  Of course, all traffic was stopped.  George got out and directed me so I could inch forward enough to get off the road.  The problem was that the cable would hit our air conditioners.  We just sat there, not knowing what to do.

There was a very friendly telephone man working in the parking lot.  He saw our dilemma, and suggested that we push up the cable with a broom.  So, George lifted the cable while the man watched the clearance, and directed me to go forward inch by inch.  We made it!  But then, the un-Christian church had totally blocked the other entrance/exit, so I had to do a U-turn and do the whole thing  all over again!!!

I was too scared to try the underpass, so turned the wheel over to George.  I shut my eyes and he drove through.  Cars waited for us as we approached, and let us straddle both lanes and go through the highest point in the middle.  Whew!

We made it to Jackson Center, and set up in their terraport.  It is a great system.  Airstream likes you to arrive the day before your service appointment.  Then, tomorrow morning, they will pick up the Airstream  with a tractor at 7:00 AM to start the work. 

DINNER:  We will be defrosting the refrigerator tomorrow while they are working on the Airstream, so tonight was a mish-mash of leftovers…..I baked some leftover grits in a casserole dish, adding dollops of cream cheese and parmesan cheese.  After it hardened up, I topped with sauteed bell peppers and salami.  Side was salad.  There isn’t too much left in the refrigerator. 

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