Day #168 – In Airstream-land

LOCATION:  Jackson Center, Ohio
CAMPGROUND:  Airstream Factory Terraport
WEATHER:  Scorching hot.  High 95.  Muggy.  Heat index 105

We had to get up bright and early so that the tractor could come pick up Joy for her “doctor’s appointment”.  This is the maintenance bay with the tractor.

There are Airstreams everywhere – all shapes and sizes.  These have had maintenance and are waiting for their owners to pick them back up.

Airstream has a nice waiting room with great wifi.  We chatted with the other couples having service today.  George met with the technician.  The things we needed are – fix the leak, wheel bearings, and our stair steps.  He thought it would be completed by mid-afternoon.

So, off we went for errands.  George then went to an aeronautical museum while I did a ton of laundry.  He said the museum was great.  A lot of astronauts are from Ohio.  The laundry was not as much fun…..

From there, we went to a nearby town to “Ohio’s best beer bar”.

Jackson Center does not have much to offer – a Subway restaurant, post office, Ace hardware, a bank, and some gas stations.  There is one restaurant that opens rarely.

We were intrigued with a fried bologna sandwich on the menu, something that we haven’t had in years, so we ordered one to share.  It was sinfully good. 

The technician called us at 3:00 and said that Joy was repaired and back in its site.  While Joy was in the shop, we turned off the refrigerator to defrost it.  When we came back, we had a nice clean refrigerator and freezer that we loaded back up.

The technician didn’t find a major leak, but sealed some small cracks.  We hope that will solve the leak problem. 

DINNER:  We had planned to go to the town’s restaurant, but found it closed.  So, pickings were pretty slim –  we had pork & beans, and a salad. 

BOOK: “Leaving Everything Most Loved” by Jacqueline Winspear.  This is part of a series of a female detective in the early 1900s.  A nice series to fall back on.  4 stars out of 5

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