Day #169. Canada…..Here we come! (Again)

LOCATION:  Berlin, Ohio in west central part of state
CAMPGROUND:  Mill Creek Campground on Lake Berlin – Army Corps of Engineers.  Gravel, level site with picnic table and fire pit.  Electricity only.  Central water and dump.  Old but clean showers/bathrooms.  Some sites have lake views.  We almost do.  At $12/night, 4 stars out of 5
WEATHER:  Hot and muggy again.  High 88

We hung around at the Airstream factory in the AM.  We parked overnight in their terraport, with about 10 other Airstreamers having service on their rigs. 

  While George worked on Joy a bit, I took a stroll around the Airstream grounds. This is one of the factories.

Even the security guard’s entrance looks like an Airstream.

Each of the factory buildings builds a different kind of trailer.  These are the small Base Camp models.

These are called Interstate and Atlas, a type of Class B small motorhome.  They start at about $200K.

This is a very old Land Yacht that has just had repair.

This long one, probably 33 feet, just got repaired, too

We took off, heading north and east toward Nova Scotia.  With 1600 miles to go, we need to keep a pretty quick pace.  Even though we wanted to cover a lot of miles today, we took secondary roads.  We programmed the GPS in the mode “avoid highways and tolls” and “she” really did.  We drove through small towns and a lot of soybean and corn fields.  Being in the “Rust Belt”, each of the towns seemed to have at least one type of factory, some working and some deserted.

Miss GPS took us through a suburb of Akron, Ohio.  Who knew that there is such a lovely part of this city that has a bad rep…..It is called Portage Lakes.  It is a series of lakes at different elevations, so at each turn in the road, you encounter a different lake, all surrounded by beautiful homes.  It probably got its name as settlers would have had to portage their boats from lake to lake. 

We drove through a lot of Amish country.  Besides the road signs, you can tell by the horse do-do on the road and the laundry hanging.

Our campground is only about 10% full, reminding us of camping in previous years. 

We got settled in watched a little PBS.  George built a nice campfire for us to grill a big piece of salmon that a fisherman had given us when camping a few weeks ago near Lake Michigan.  One of my blog readers had recommended this non-stick grill mat, and it worked very well.

DINNER:  Grilled salmon, stir-fried zucchini with tomatoes, and rice.  We have a lot of leftover salmon, so I am already thinking about what to do with it for upcoming meals.  I see salmon burgers, salmon tacos, and salmon pasta in our near future! 

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