Day #170 – Making progress on our way to Nova Scotia – made it to Pennsylvania.

LOCATION:  Tioga, Pennsylvania – in north central part of state, not far from NY border
CAMPGROUND:  Ives Run on Tioga-Hammond Lake/Reservoir.  Army Corps of Engineers campground.  Paved, long site with firepit and picnic table.  Electricity and sewer.  New bathroom and shower.  $20/ night.  No water views.  4 stars out of 5
WEATHER:  Hot.  Some rain.  High 89

We didn’t rush our departure time.  While George did his daily exercise routine, I walked around the campground.  Yesterday I said that the campground seemed about 10% occupied.  I need to revise this to about 3% occupancy.  In my walk, I found several other campground loops, with about 500 sites.  Only a handful were occupied.  I think it is because they do not have electricity.  Our small loop is the only one with hook-ups.  In this heat, people really want their A/C.  I saw two deer eating their breakfast grass on the walk. 

Then, we hit the road.  We went almost due east and a bit north.  Pennsylvania is a wide state.  Our atlas has two pages of Pennsylvania – Western half and Eastern half.  We finally managed to get to the Eastern half.  Again, we took the back roads.  We could have made much better time had we taken the Ohio Turnpike (horrible), but enjoyed seeing the little towns and countrysides. 

This shows where we were last night, tonight’s top, and the remaining route to Nova Scotia – in the Annapolis Valley.

Twice we encountered “Road Closed” signs without any directions about a detour.  I just turned wherever I could, and Gigi (our new name for our GPS) caught up. 

This was particularly inconvenient in a gritty part of Youngstown, Ohio. Speed limits all day were 25, 35, or 45 mph. 

Then, we got into the Allegheny Mountains and Allegheny National Forest.  We started to climb.  The clouds rolled in and we really got a downpour.

It got foggier and visibility got worse as the clouds lowered in the mountains.

We arrived in the campground in the downpour, and managed to set up without getting too wet.  We hunkered down for the rest of the evening.  Thank goodness for books and Rick Steves travel DVDs.

DINNER:  I am trying to spread out the salmon so that we don’t have it every consecutive night.  So, without much else in the refrigerator, I put this together…..I made some farro (like quinoa but nuttier).  Then, I added some veg that I previously sauted and had frozen – red bell pepper, onions, and mushrooms.  I warmed that up and added some bits of salami – a homemade gift from our friends in Ontario whom we visited.  I doused it all with Parmesan and it was good.  Tomorrow…..back to salmon,  I think. 

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