Day #172 – Traveling through the Adirondacks

LOCATION:  Plattsburgh, New York – near the Vermont/Quebec border.
CAMPGROUND:  A Harvest Host brewery – Valcour.  It is an inn/restaurant/brewery, located on an old Air Force base.  Nice grassy place to park next to the inn.  5 stars out of 5.
WEATHER:  Rain most of the day.  Cloudy.  High 74

We woke up to the sound of rain on the roof.  Good news….no leaks!  I spent a few frustrating hours trying to find a location where we can get our Covid 19 test to get into Canada.  I am searching all of the states of Maine, Vermont, and New Hampshire.  We have to time it just right…..get an appointment, get the results, and then cross the border within 72 hours.  Our travel route will depend on the day and place we can find a testing place.  Unfortunately, the websites are clunky and the number of appointments is slim to none.  I finally got one in New Hampshire, so that is where we will head tomorrow.  What a hassle!

Last night’s stay, the Whipperwill Campground,  has a 10:00 AM check-out time (rather early), so we had to rush our morning routine.  Off we went through the VERY touristy village of Lake George.  It is full of restaurants, shops, putt-putt golf courses, arcades, etc like any touristy town.

We passed lots of resorts, motels, hotels, housekeeping cabins, and inns.  (All with No Vacancy signs).  The lake is very long and thin so this goes on and on.  There are also fabulous lakeside mansions with tennis courts that line the lake.

We are in the Adirondack Mountains, so of course there are Adirodnack chairs!

Not in any rush, we took a scenic by-way all of the way north along the Lake.  It went on for about 40 miles, and then we followed Lake Champlain.  It was a beautiful drive, and would probably be drop-dead beautiful with autumn colors.  We went through a lot of quaint towns with signs saying that they were settled in the mid-1700s. 

We stopped at this beautiful chasm that is quite popular.

We arrived in Plattsburgh in mid-afternoon and found our Harvest Host site.  Parking was kindly marked.

The entire area used to be a huge Air Force base.  They have converted the barracks to the inn/restaurant/brewery where we are camped next to.

We walked over to another brewery that was once the fire station for the Air Force base.

Other former base buildings are now lofts, offices, child care centers, and museums.  It is nice that they have preserved the buildings.  George was interested in this B-47, once one of the greatest in the USA

DINNER:  We ate in the inn/restaurant.  George had a Smoky Hog sandwich with smoked, pulled pork, bacon, and cheese – just decadent.  I had part of a feta/spinach flatbread that will provide leftovers for future lunches.

Even without electricity, we can use our inverter to watch a little TV.  We watched a little PBS before an early night…..nice and quiet.

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