Day #173 – Hello/Good-bye, Vermont!

LOCATION:  Near Plymouth, New Hampshire – in central part of state
CAMPGROUND:  Baker River Campground.  Nice, grassy site.  Level.  Picnic table and fire pit.  Electricity and water.  Full hook-ups available.  Volleyball court, playground, horseshoes. Good bathroom/shower,  Small and very quiet.  A Mom&Pop-kind of place with super friendly owner/hostess.  $43/night.  4 stars out of 5
WEATHER:  Cloudy with intermittent showers all day.  High 76

We had a nice overnight at the Valcour Brewery Harvest Host site in Plattsburgh, NY.   We headed over to the nearby Burger King for coffee and wifi.  Then, we hit the road for today’s destination – Plymouth, New Hampshire, the only place in Maine/Vermont/New Hampshire where I could find a Covid 19 test appointment available. 

We drove north to the Quebec border – we could actually see the crossing.  (We are not crossing to Canada via Quebec, as we would have to go far north to get to Nova Scotia.)  We took a bridge over  Lake Champlain into Vermont, and then turned south and east. There aren’t major east/west highways in Vermont and New Hampshire, due to the mountains, so the drive was mostly backroads.  I just LOVE Vermont.  Our drive looked so Vermont-y!  New England-style barns, lots of farm stands, old old buildings, quaint villages, maple syrup stands, etc. 

We saw lots of signs warning us of moose on the road, but didn’t see any.  😦 

We crossed the Vermont border into New Hampshire and entered the White Mountains.  Tonight we are in the country.  Our campground is popular earlier in the summer for tubing the river that runs through it.  There are also rock-climbers here who like this place.  We will be here 2 nights – tomorrow to get the test, and hopefully the results ASAP.

DINNER:  More of the salmon.  This makes the 3rd dinner from the salmon filets a fisherman gave us several weeks ago while on Lake Michigan.  Tonight I made salmon burgers with some frozen salmon.  They turned out great.  Side was leftover farro mixed with rice, and green beans. 

BOOK:   “Shadows in Death” by J.D. Robb.  One of a series about a female detective that takes place in 2060.  A book I picked up at a campground “library”.  A good fall-back when I need a hard-back book to read.

We don’t have any TV reception here, so watched a Rick Steves’ travel DVD.  We are almost through with the entire set! Thanks to our daughter for the gift!!

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