Day #175 – Oh, Canada! …….Again

LOCATION:  McAdam, New Brunswick, Canada – just across the US/Canada border
CAMPGROUND:  McAdam Municipal Campground.  Probably the nicest campground we have been in this entire trip!  Full hook-ups.  Nice bathrooms.  Gravel site.  Firepit and picnic table.  Woodsy with beautiful lake views.  US$38/night.  5 stars out of 5
WEATHER:  Mostly sunny.  High 75

We got a fairly early start out of Plymouth, New Hampshire.  Most of the morning was driving in New Hampshire’s White Mountains – small, narrow byways through little towns and by a lot of lakes.  Very pretty.  We saw a lot of maple syrup stands, farm stands, Quaker houses, large colonial-style homes, mountains, and streams.  There was also a lot of road construction – especially working on bridges.  Consequently – one lane roads and detours.

So many good things happened to us today……

First good thing…..our phone pinged about noon with a notice that our Covid test results were available.      Yay!  Of course, it was negative. 

Second good thing…..we found a print shop to get the results printed.  It turned out that it was a banner/poster-type of shop, and not document-printing, but they printed the emails anyway, and wouldn’t’ accept payment!

While at the print shop, we told them that we were headed toward Canada.  They all had horror stories of people waiting in line for 12+ hours, or being turned away.  By this time, it was about 3:00.  We decided to push on, thinking that the border would be less busy in the late afternoon.

We were now on Interstate 95, north of Bangor.  It is probably the least-traveled stretch of I-95.  Northern Maine is quite desolate with more moose signs than cars! 

Third good thing – we drove a long ways without hitting any deer or moose, even though the signs said “high hit zone”. 

Fourth good thing….we found gas in the last town we went through in NE Maine.  We had 40 miles left in the tank and it was 60 miles to the border, with absolutely nothing but desolation in between!

Then, fifth good thing……We arrived at this remote border crossing in northeast Maine, far from any town.  And…..there were no other vehicles waiting to cross!  It was 5:30, 6:30 in our new Atlantic Time Zone once we crossed. 

Sixth good thing…..Our border agent was very friendly.  She asked all the regular questions – about Covid, our Canada plans, firearms, alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, and fruits and vegetables.  I honestly reported our tomato and lettuce.  No problem.  I also admitted that we had more than the duty-free amount of wine and beer.  She said technically that we should pay a small duty, but she wasn’t going to bother with that.  Yay!  Honesty is the best policy.

Seventh good thing….By this time we were quite tired of driving.  Our Nova Scotia friends had told us that the town next to the border crossing has a nice municipal campground, so we turned in.  It was after hours and the office was closed.  We thought we would find a site and pay in the morning.  We were amazed at the beauty of this place!  We found a beautiful, beautiful site and started backing in.  All of a sudden, the manager drove up, obviously worried that we were going to take up a space reserved for Labor Day weekend.  We assured her that we were just going to be here one night, and she was very relieved.  There is almost nobody here, but the campground will be at 100% starting tomorrow. 

The sun began to set.  Our site overlooks a lake with a little beach.  It is absolutely beautiful. 

Here is George, grateful to be here….safe and sound, happily in Canada, and in a beautiful place.

The sunset just got prettier and prettier, turning the sky a bright pink.

DINNER:  Paninis – with different kinds of cold cuts, cheeses, and pepperoncini.  Side was leftover green beans with mushrooms. 

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