Day #179 – I love Nova Scotia!

LOCATION:  At our friends’ house near Lunenburg, Nova Scotia
WEATHER:  Mostly sunny.  Cool.  High 68

We are staying two nights with friends who have a summer house in southern Nova Scotia and live in Palm Coast, Florida in the winter.  This morning, our hostess Marjorie made us a lovely breakfast in her beautiful, new kitchen. 

Then, we were off for a Sunday drive along the coast.  We stopped in a lot of cute shops.  This area is fairly remote, so several towns have shops that have a lot of character, are chock-full of interesting goods, and also serve as bistros.  This is one.

This shop is a bakery that attracts people from all around.  Several craft shops surround the store.

This is another bakery that is famous for its sandwiches.  It looks old-timey.

We also stopped at an art gallery.  The two artists/owners greeted us, remembering Art, our host,  from previous visits.  The art is very vibrant, with mostly nautical scenes.

We stopped in an English pub-style restaurant for lunch.  When in Rome…..we had mussels again.  I just love them!

We drove through quaint fishing villages, with lobster cages stacked up against homeowners’ boats.

We stopped at a resort hotel/restaurant for dinner, but since it is Labor Day weekend, they were booked.  We did enjoy drinks on their patio.

Then, on to a pub near our hosts’ house for dinner.  We shared a platter of seared scallops – yummy!  Sides were fries and a salad. 

A great day exploring this section of Nova Scotia.  I could really live here! 

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