Day #180 – Halifax in the rain

LOCATION:  Halifax, Nova Scotia
HOTEL:  South Park Garden Inn.  A cute little inn, previously probably a Victorian mansion.  Great location near waterfront and downtown.
WEATHER:  Yuck!  Rain the entire day.  Cool.  High 69

We had a nice farewell breakfast with our friends Art and Marjorie, then took off for a little R&R in Halifax.  Since it was pouring out, and we knew we wouldn’t want to be doing a lot of walking, we took our time, taking back roads hugging the southern coast of Nova Scotia.  We passed through a lot of cute fishing villages.

We stopped at the SwissAir memorial where all 229 passengers and crew died in a terrible airplane crash just off the coast in 1998.  Locals did a lot of the clean-up work and helped the grieving families.  Sad.

The last little scenic detour we took on our way to Halifax was to Peggy’s Cove, a very popular tourist stop. 

We found our inn, got settled, pulled out the rain jackets and umbrella, and did some walking around.  We visited an area of town called Hydrastone.  It is an area damaged in 1917 when a French ammunition ship full of ammo and benzoyl exploded in the harbor, destroying a huge section of the city.  Hydrastone is the rebuilt area with unique architecture and streets.

We made our way to a brewery in the waterfront area. 

Back to the inn to freshen up for dinner.  This is the rainy view from our room’s window of a very old cemetery next to us. 

DINNER:  Since it was Labor Day, a lot of restaurants were closed.  We finally found this one open – the Captain’s Boil.  It was kind of fun.  You ordered your desired seafood – shrimp, mussels, clams, and/or lobster.  Then, you selected the type of spice (Cajun, captain’s, garlic, lemon) used to boil the seafood, and then the level of heat.  We ordered a shrimp/mussel combo with the Captian’s spice, medium heat.   They brought it out in a plastic bag fresh from the boiler with a cob of corn and a side of rice.  They provided bibs for us as it was pretty messy.  It was tasty and fun! 

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