Day #181 — 20,000+ steps around Halifax!

LOCATION:  Halifax, Nova Scotia
WEATHER:  Perfect!  Sunny.  High 73

Our friends Tony and Jenny had given us some suggestions of places to see/things to do in Halifax, so we created a plan, and then we were off for the day!

Our inn is really cute, located in a nice and quiet residential area, and near many tourist attractions.

We walked down our tree-lined street, passing a lot of beautiful mansions

We walked around Point Pleasant Park.  One trail took us down to the waterfront.  We could see a lot of containers being loaded onto the huge freighters.

Black Rock Beach there is quite nice, too

Then, back up to one of the cannons that used to guard the harbor

While there, a couple of professional dog-walkers arrived with 10 boisterous dogs.  Dog party!  Then, other walkers’ dogs joined in the fun.  They were all shapes, sizes, and breeds.

We made it back to the downtown area.  This is the sleek public library

And some funky-looking shops nearby

We found the Citadel and Clock Tower.

Then, the hunt was on for a donaire lunch.  Tony had told us there were several shops around.  They are a unique Canadian thing – similar to a gyro.  We found a place and shared this HUGE one, even though it was just a medium. 

From there, we walked around Halifax’s waterfront.  We took the ferry to Dartmouth across the river.  Lucky us – Seniors go free on Tuesdays!  Dartmouth is a lot less sophisiticated than Halifax.  We enjoyed a stroll around there.

Then, back to Halifax.

Someone had recommended the Bicycle Thief restaurant to us.  We found out that it is one of the most posh and popular places in town. 

Already booked for dinner at 5:00, we managed to snag a seat at the bar.  It was fun watching the bartenders whip up exotic cocktails.

The waterfront area was hopping. These tourists are taking the Duck boat around town, and then into the water.

Then, the walk home.  By this time, we were getting a little tuckered out.  We had planned to visit a couple of museums, but the day was just too gorgeous to be inside.

DINNER:  A little French place near our inn called Le Bistro.  It had really cute French decor.  They were very busy, but squeezed us in.  Delicious food in a delightful atmosphere.  I had grilled shrimp and George had scallops.  All paired with a nice French wine and baguette slices.  Wow!

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