Day #182 – Annapolis Valley glory

LOCATION:  At our friends’ house in the Annapolis Valley in Nova Scotia
WEATHER:  Picture-perfect.  Sunny.  High 79

We had a nice breakfast at our B&B in Halifax and then took off for one last walk around Halifax.  We strolled around the nearby Public Gardens.

We read that this is the largest and best-true-to-style Victorian garden in North America.  This is an area that is supposed to look like a dragon with its tail…..  A mound with two spotlights for the head, and flowers for the tail.

Behind the gardens is an old cemetery including graves of some of Titanic victims.

George squeezed out of the driveway at our inn.  Tight!

Then, north to a town in the Annapolis Valley to meet our friends and to drop off our truck for some work.  It was an afternoon of beer and wine-tasting.  First was lunch at a brewpub that used to be a lovely church.

We shared a platter of tuna poke.  Delicious and beautiful!

Then, to a pretty vineyard/winery. 

From there to a garden shop with interesting, home-made jams and liqueurs.  Tony and Jenny bought some horseradish mustard and we bought a bottle of rhubarb liqueur.

Then, to a malthouse with a tap room

One last brewery before we returned home.  This 40-foot river is full at high tide, but will be a mudhole when the tide goes out. We are in the land of the world’s highest tides.

What a workout!

DINNER:  Tony and I will share dinner duty.  Tonight was his turn and he made some tasty nachos. 

We built a fire in their firepit and enjoyed the beautiful evening. 

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