Day #183 – Hanging out with Nova Scotia friends

LOCATION:  At our friends’ house in the Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia
WEATHER:  Very nice and sunny.  High 75

While we are visiting our friends, we are sleeping in Joy, our Airstream, but are spending a lot of time with our friends in their house – sharing meals, chatting, reading. 

After breakfast, Jenny and I took a vigorous walk on a trail that is a former railway track.

George and Tony made a trip to Canadian Tire to buy some fishing gear.  Danger – danger!  In an unsupervised moment, he bought a new skillet.  He was in the doghouse for a bit.  He now has a fishing license for Nova Scotia, and he and Tony hope to catch some big ones while we travel.  I guess he plans to cook the fish in the new skillet! 

Here is Tony getting his gear set up.

Tonight was my turn for dinner.  I thought a white wine would pair better than a red one, but I could not find the bottle I thought we had (in our ‘wine cellar” inside of the trailer –  aka the shower).  So, I pulled out a bottle of champagne.  Here is George opening it….

DINNER:  I have done this recipe before, and enjoy it:

Shrimp (or Chicken) with Farro

cherry tomatoes
shrimp or chicken
cooked farro
pepper flakes
spinach or kale
chicken broth
white wine

Saute shrimp, onion, garlic – each separately and drain
Saute tomatoes – remove
Saute spinach/kale – remove
Put wine, oregano, salt and pepper, and chicken broth in pan
Put everything back including farro
Stir in a little feta

Put all in Pyrex.  Top with feta.  Bake until warm

For farro –

Soak overnight
Boil 20 minutes (40?)

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