Day #184 – A day of great food and company

LOCATION:  At our friends’ house in Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia
WEATHER:  Overcast, humid, and warm.  High 73

Today was a big cooking day.  Our friends Tony and Jenny had invited neighbors over for BBQ ribs and baked beans.  Tony, the cook, started everything yesterday….  He made the baked beans and started marinating the ribs in a delicious rub.

Then, this afternoon, he started cooking the ribs very slowly.  Here they are after one hour….

After hour #2

And after hour #3 when they were ready to be eaten.

The baked beans cooked for several hours, and turned out great.  I normally think baked beans are too sweet, but these were spectacular.

When the neighbors arrived, we did a blind wine tasting with wine we had bought at a winery near here.  Tony em-ceed the evening by reading the descriptions of the 2 bottles (Marquette) and we chose our favorites, and guessed which was which.  Fun!

Then, Tony served the ribs, beans, and salad….

We had a great conversation and it was a lovely evening.  The neighbors are from Wales and have a lovely accent and a unique sense of humor.

I normally don’t write personal notes on this blog, as it is meant to be a travel and food blog.  However, I need to let readers/friends know that our lovely daughter Meredith died late last night.  She had struggled in the past few years.  It was not Covid, but mental and physical issues.  The Hospice informed us that she died peacefully and without pain.  Here is a photo of our beautiful first-born.  We will miss her. 

In the spirit of a day full of food-preparation and enjoyment, I am attaching a few photos of her dishes that she prepared while she was a caterer/private chef

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