Day #185 – Enjoying the beauty and bounty of the Annapolis Valley.

LOCATION:  With our friends Tony and Jenny in Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia
WEATHER:  A beautiful day – Fall is in the air!  High 76

I read the hundreds of notes from friends about the death of our daughter, and had a good cry.  Thank you to everyone for your thoughts, and for reaching out.

Although we are sad, life goes on and we want to do enjoy the beauty and bounty of the Annapolis Valley. 

The valley is full of apple trees, and they will be picking them soon. The corn is about ready to be harvested.  It is also the “cranberry capital of Nova Scotia”.  Pumpkins are starting to be seen and the trees are starting to turn.  Beautiful! 

We started the day with a stop at a local farmers’ market.  We stocked up on a LOT of vegetables and locally-grown peaches.

On to lunch.  We stumbled upon this beautiful winery/vineyard on a ridge overlooking vineyards and corn fields.  We grabbed a table on their patio in the full sun, and had a superb lunch….sharing a platter of raw oysters and a salmon board.

On our way home, we spotted another small winery and thought we would check it out.  What a find!  The owner/wine pourer is very gregarious, telling us his life story and about the winery.  With our wine tasting, he sliced up some delicious aged Cheddar cheese from a farm down the road, and provided this nice cheese board with some brioche bread …at no charge

This winery is perched on a ridge, too.

Like many wineries, he has a very good-natured “wine dog”

The owner is Dutch and has a love of bicycles, so vintage ones are showcased in the vineyard.

The engine in our pick-up truck has been making strange noises, like a high-pitched squeal.  We took it to a GM dealership in a nearby town the other day.  Today, after getting a part sent from Montreal, it was repaired and we picked it up.  We are so relieved that it didn’t break down on the road!  We did some grocery shopping while Tony and Jenny went on home.

DINNER:  My turn.  I made an Asian dish with pork/ginger meatballs and served it with a lot of Asian-style vegetables over ramen.  Side was a great salad – with tomatoes and lettuces from the market – with an Asian dressing.  All very “oishi” as they say in Japanese. 

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