Day #186 – A day in lush Annapolis Valley

LOCATION:  At our friends’ house in the Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia
WEATHER:  Beautiful and sunny.  High 78

We were able to get back to our Sunday morning routine – George’s spectacular grits and eggs while watching “CBS Sunday Morning”.  As a special treat, Tony made us some Canadian bacon – called peameal bacon here.

Then, off for a day in the Valley.  We followed the Annapolis River west for about 75 miles, driving through nice towns and lush fields. 

Our first stop was a small, unpretentious brewery.  We were the only customers, and enjoyed the sunshine on their patio.

George had their house-made bratwurst.

This carved tree, carved like a tree, is the brewery’s emblem – on all their beer cans, too

Then, westward ho, with glimpses of the river now and then.  Our next stop was a winery perched high on a ridge. 

Our last stop was a winery whose grapes were the first to be grown in North America – in 1611.

It, too, is located high on a ridge overlooking the valley full of vineyards

The wine pourer gave us a very interesting tour of the winery.

Time to turn around and head east back toward home. 

DINNER:  Tony’s turn.  He made home-made pizza with pesto (made by Jenny with their own basil) as a base.  Tony sauted mushrooms, onions, and bell peppers for toppings along with anchovies and cheese.  Yum, yum!

BOOK:  “Bad Boy” by Peter Robinson.  One in the series I like about a detective in the Yorkshire Dales, England.  4 stars out of 5

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