Day #187. On our own in the Annapolis Valley

LOCATION:  With our friends Tony and Jenny in Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia
WEATHER:  Very nice.  High 75

Tony and Jenny had errands to run so we were on our own for part of the day.  First we went to a cheese shop near their house.  It is owned/run by a Greek immigrant who is a real hoot.  Anything/everything Greek that one would want is there.  We bought some interesting cheese, olives, and stuffed grape leaves.  How cool to have this in a rural, unpopulated area.  The milk truck was delivering milk while we shopped.  More cheese to come! 

Then, into the town of Berwick, the nearest large town.  It is called the Apple Capital of Nova Scotia.  Indeed, there are apples everywhere and the trees look ready to be picked.

We went in search of a brewery.    First was a cute place in the country with pretty landscaping.  There was a big field of white flowers next to the brewery.  We asked what it is….buckwheat.  Interesting!

In to the town of Wolfville, which is a really nice college town, for lunch.  We found a perfect place – our favorite Canadian show “Corner Gas” on TV,  nice coasters (which George likes), good beer, and great steamed mussels.

The four of us leave on Wednesday for a month-long trip around Nova Scotia, including the loop of Cape Breton. George and Tony went in to town to get the propane tanks filled up for the trip – Papa Bear, Mama Bear, and Baby Bear….all lined up!

Back home, George made a fire for dinner.  Bubba, the neighbors’ cat, came to visit.  He is very sociable and doesn’t want to miss any fun.  You can tell he doesn’t miss many meals!

DINNER:  My turn.  I had marinated chicken thighs in oregano and Greek herbs.  George grilled them on the fire.  Sides were a Greek-style green beans, sauteed in olive oil, seasoned with oregano, and served with sprinkled feta and green onions.  Served with stuffed grape leaves and kalamata olives.  All quite tasty.

Then in the evening, I went to my friend Jenny’s beauty shop for a much-needed haircut.  Getting a haircut while on the road is always frightening.  This lady did a great job. 

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