Day #188. Fall in the Annapolis Valley

LOCATION:  At our friends’ house in the Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia
WEATHER:  Nice and fall-like.  Sunny.  High 72

Tomorrow we leave for a month-long camping trip with Tony and Jenny, so they are busy preparing  – loading up their trailer and car. 

I did some laundry and hung up my clothes in the glorious sunshine.

Since we have everything we need already in Joy, our Airstream, we got out of their hair and went in to town.

On our way, we passed this terrific farm market.  Less than a mile down the road was another one, just like it!

In Berwick, the town closest to their house, we headed to their local nano-brewery.  We did a flight of IPAs – all with IBUs of 120-125!  That is what you call bitter!!!  The pourer was super friendly and we had a nice chat

I went to the bathroom (called washroom in Canada) and spotted this garbage area.  Canadians do a much better job at recycling than Americans do.

We strolled around the town, decorated for fall and with summer’s remaining flowers.  George took this photo to show my new haircut.

Lunch was at this cute restaurant in town where we were able to sit on the patio.  It was a bit chilly in the shade, but really pleasant in the sunshine.

As we sat there, a maple leaf fell exactly on top of George’s beer.  A real sign of autumn!!!

Back home, we went to our friends’ neighbors’ house for drinks around their lovely swimming pool.

They have befriended Chippy, the chipmunk, who came looking for a handout..

DINNER:  Tony’s turn.  He made hotdogs over the campfire.  Getting into the camping mod! 

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