Day #190 – Hiking in Chignecto Provincial Park

LOCATION:  Near Advocate Harbor, Nova Scotia
CAMPGROUND:  Old Shipyard Campground
WEATHER:  Very nice.  Good for hiking.  High 72

I took an invigorating pre-breakfast hike with Tony and Jenny while George held the fort.  Then, we drove in to Advocate Harbor (about 5 miles away) to talk with some fishermen.  We wondered if they had any scallops or fish to sell.  (No).  The tide was going out.  These boats are in less a foot of water.  Soon, they will be completely in the mud.  The tide will come back this afternoon and then they willl be as high as the dock.  Amazing

Then, we were off for an afternoon of hiking in the Chignecto Provincial Park.  We had to drive about 15 miles on a one-lane gravel road (with 2-way traffic – but no other cars)  in order to get to the head of the hiking trail.  The trail, about 2 miles, followed the coast.  It is quite dramatic.  The land across the way is New Brunswick.

This is one of the interesting rock formations along the coast.

This area was once a thriving lumber and ship yard

On our way back, we found an area where boats are docked.  I think I have one that we can buy…..for a good price!

As we were driving home on a very remote road, we spotted this bear scat.  It looked very fresh, and full of berries!

Back home, it was time to relax.  Tony’s turn for dinner, so I goofed off.

DINNER:  Tony made a vegetarian pasta dish from the old recipe book “Diet for a Small Planet” .  Very tasty.  Side was a Caesar salad.

The sunset was beautiful.  This is the view from our trailer….

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