Day #198 – Happy Birthday To Me!

LOCATION:  St. Peters, Nova Scotia – in SW Cape Breton
CAMPGROUND:  Battery Provincial Park
WEATHER:  Summer-like with sun and high 84

This is my new motto – 70 is the new 40.  Yes, I turned 70 today.  I don’t know what 70 is supposed to feel like, but I feel great!   I really feel healthier now than I did several years ago.  Retirement enables me to exercise more, relax, and eat better. 

I started the birthday day with a nice walk around the campground with our friends Tony and Jenny.  The campground is high on a cliff overlooking the bay, so we had lots of ups and downs to trek.

This is our campsite’s fire pit area where we will build a fire later this evening….

Then, off to Isle Madame, one of the smaller Cape Breton islands.  It is rustic, sparsely populated, and beautiful.  George tried his hand at fishing……again.

We made a circular loop around the island, stopping first for lunch at a well-known coffee shop.  Very nice. 

We stumbled upon their historical society’s museum where we learned about the Acadians’ lives in the early 1900s, very rugged.    There, a local guy was working and gave us a tip for some good fishing.

So, we followed the man’s instructions to a hidden wharf.  Tony was the first to catch one – a small mackarel. 

Then, George scored with a larger one!  YAY – the first fish on this entire trip!!

While they were fishing, I took photos of some of our setting….

Back at the campground, Tony did his prep work for my special birthday dinner and George got a campfire going.  We sat around the fire eating our appetizers – a good Camenbert and crackers, along with George’s grilled fish…..all paired with a super bottle of Champagne from an Annapolis Vallley vineyard, Tony and Jenny’s birthday gift to me.

DINNER:  Tony made two batches of steamed mussels – one with peppers and white wine and one with other spices and red wine.  Delicious.  We sopped up the juice with a good piece of Italian bread.  Side was a mixed green salad.

What a wonderful birthday day, with friends, a loving husband, while traveling in a beautiful country.  I have so much to be thankful for!!!

BOOK:  I squeezed in another one, finishing this off after dinner…..”Our Darkest Night” by Jennifer Robson.  It tells a story of a Jewish woman disguised as a Catholic wife, hiding from the Gestapo during WWII.    I really enjoyed it.  5 stars out of 5.

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