Day #205. Enough rain, already!

LOCATION:  Near Syndey, Nova Scotia in SE part of Cape Breton
CAMPGROUND:  Mira River Provincial Park.
WEATHER:  Unexpected rain (again).  High 65

The rain just won’t stop.  It really poured hard at times in the morning.  Too much rain for a walk.  Then, throughout the day, it rained, stopped for a few minutes, then resumed.  Bummer!

It was a good day to sit inside and do nothing.  We both read quite a bit and popped some popcorn in the afternoon.  Our plans for a day trip are postponed until tomorrow – hope the rain stops by then.

The other day, while helping George dump at a dump station, I cut my finger pretty badly on a rusty faucet.  Since then, I have bandaged it up and am trying to not get it wet.  Consequently, George is doing the dishes these days.  This is a good gig —I just might let it heal for a long time.!!!  🙂  And, I guess I can no longer help at the dump station?  Ha!

In between rain showers, George and Tony tried fishing.  Yay – George caught this small-mouth bass.  And double YAY – he threw it back!!!   🙂

DINNER:  My turn.  While the rain held off, George built a fire and we sat around it, enjoying wine and an appetizer I made up – pickled okra wrapped in deli-sliced turkey breast with a little cream cheese spread on the turkey.  The main course was spaghetti and meatballs in a red sauce with a few white beans.  Sides were a baguette (the takeNbake kind) and a salad.  I used a recipe that I have tried previously for the dressing – sour cream (or Greek yogurt), lemon juice, salt, pepper, scallions, and walnuts.  Dessert was some ice cream.  It was a surprise for Tony, as kind of a joke – a “frosty” treat as he had predicted frost by the end of September, and it hasn’t occured yet.

BOOK:  “The Sinner” by Tess Gerritsen.  A murder mystery featuring 2 interesting main characters.  This is a part of a series, and I am going to try to find some more to read by this author.  4 stars out of 5

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